Seatondelaval.org.uk  is an online photograph album, containing historic photographs of the village of SeatonDelaval, in south-east Northumberland.

The album also contains newer photographs of some of the local landmarks . These include Seaton Delaval Hall, (1718-1728).  When the current Lord Hastings died in April 2007, his heir sold the Hall to the National Trust.  They have carried out extensive renovations, which have improved the Hall for visitors.

You can find out more about special events, and regular opening times, by visiting the National Trust website.

Also included in this site is a section on the Church of Our Lady.  Originally the private chapel of Delavals, this small but beautiful church adjoins the Hall. The Church is of significant interest in its own right, as it dates back to Norman times.  It contains some very fine examples of funeral hatchments.  There are also some well-preserved stone effigies of a Crusader Knight and his Lady. 

Photographs of the village document local changes, designed to invoke memories of the ‘old days’.


It also provides a community to reminisce about Seaton Delaval for those who are, or have been, connected with the village.

All the old photographs have been kindly donated, so that more people get a chance to enjoy them.If you have any old photographs that you would like to share, please send a scanned copy to webmaster@seatondelaval.org.uk for inclusion on the site.

If you could provide some context or history with the photograph, this makes it more interesting, even if it is just a snippet.The website is a place to share stories, explain how you are connected with Seaton Delaval, to ask questions, or perhaps contact old friends?

Please leave  messages in the guestbook, sharing stories of previous visits, family connections and happy memories. Also ask questions about local history and rekindled lost friendships. If you have any questions or comments, please leave a message .

We left the the village in 2009 so there has not been any updates to the content of the site since then.

‘PLEASE’ help us  to keep it going by sending your old photographs for inclusion on the site. You can send photographs to webmaster@seatondelaval.org.uk  if you could give us a bit of history, details of the places that is shown in the photograph, any details of people or events, that will be great. Also your name and relation to the village (if you would like to be acknowledged on the site).