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The Press Boys

The photograph has on the back "Seaton Delaval Press Boys 1920". Sent in by BRIAN GOTTS Thought you may like to know the "press boys" photo with the football team on - back row, second in from the left was my Grandmother's brother, William (Will) Duffell. E-mail from LINDA DOBSON


The Co-op Wagon

Luke Long (Jean's father) drove the Co-op lorry, probably the first in Delaval - it had solid rubber tyres!!.I understand that in those days the Co-op ordered a lorry and it was specially built for them, they they taught the driver how to drive it. (no driving licence in those days) Sent in by BOB and JEAN STEPHENSON

Uncles and Grandmother

I thought you may interested in this photograph of My Uncles and Grandmother Stewart (nee Hollyman) who lived in Seaton Delaval from the turn of the century until 1960's. They stood outside their home in Foremans Row, and lived at a couple off address's at Foremans Row over the years and Double Row as well. I would be interested if anyone had similar photos to remember them. Sent in by JAMES A. STEWART

Old Postcard

The post card was discovered amongst a pile of papers found when my mother died and so I don't have a date for it Sent in by BRIAN GOTTS

The Mill in Holywell Dene

The Mill in Holywell Dene and Hartley West Farm at Silver Hills in the background about 1912. Ian is have searching for a picture of the wooden waggonway viaduct that went over the bottom of the dene. he is pretty certain one exists, but is having difficulty finding it. Sent in by IAN CHADWICK