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The Dowsers Visit


The Report

I dowsed what may have been a three feet wide "passage" from where the crypt appeared to be, leading into the grounds. Another led back to the same place and back into the church. Heading out from the church, I followed this line and came down the leafy "lane" past the left-hand side of the ornamental pond at the end. It hit the hedge. I went to the other side and picked it up again and it led down the small bank behind the hedge to the drive ten feet further. Between the drive and the hedge, there are circular borders of bushes (These are on both sides of the drive which heads out through a large entrance  and into the grounds leading to the back of the house).
      My dowse led to the centre of one of these circular border of bushes just the other side of that hedge, (between the drive and the hedge). In the middle where it STOPPED (I circled it and nothing led past it) was a large pediment with a large concrete ornament upon it. It is my suspicion that this may be an entrance although this would have to be proven by lifting it and digging. I can not state this as a certainty, as obviously I have to surmise much of what I can not see with my eyes. However, this thought occurred to me as it did appear to be a termination of a "width" leading from the church. It would be interesting to be able prove or disprove it so that one could be sure of the truth. My years of dowsing have thrown up some strange facts, not the least of which was physical evidence of sealed-up "tunnels".

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