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John Hussey Delaval (Lord Delaval)


John Hussey Delaval (Lord Delaval) succeeded his brother, Sir Francis, who had died without issues. He married Susannah, widow of Mr. John Potter, who died in the year 1783. He was elevated to the English Peerage in 1786, and in 1803 he married again to Miss Susannah Elizabeth Knight, and died May 17th 1808, and was buried in Westminster Abbey, where his first wife was also buried.

His only son having predeceased him, the title became extinct, and the estates passed to his brother, Edward Hussey Delaval. Lord Delaval purchased the Ford estate from his brother, Sir Francis, and thus was free to will it as he felt disposed. Seaton Delaval was entailed, and therefore he knew it would go to his brother, and being anxious to secure for his own family as valuable a gift as possible, he removed the old family pictures from Seaton Delaval to Ford, so that the portraits of the old Norman family are hung in another than the family mansion. He also placed many portraits of the Delaval family in Doddington Hall, which he had inherited from his mother, Rhoda, daughter of Robert Apreece, Esq., of Walshingley, Hants., and granddaughter and heiress of Sir Thomas Hussey of Doddington in Lincolnshire. She had willed this estate to her second son and other sons in succession - excluding her eldest son who was heir to the Seaton Delaval estate - on the provision that whichever of them, or their heirs, should become entitled to is should take the name of Hussey. It was Lord Delaval who cut the entrance to the harbour at Seaton Sluice out of the solid rock. He also developed the &quote;Royal Northumberland Glass Works&quote; into a successful business, though they were started by his brother, Thomas Delaval. Now the &quote;new cut&quote; is gone to wreck, and the bottle works have been demolished. Ford was his favourite residence, and he left it to his favourite daughter, Sarah Hussey, Countess of Tyrconnel, whose only daughter, Lady Susan Carpenter, married Henry, second Marquis of Waterford. Thus the Ford estate passed from the Delaval to the Waterford family, who, as a result, have many Delaval pictures at their home, Cariaghmore, in County.

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