Embleton Collection

Jake Embleton (marked with a X) with other members of the 14th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers. This picture was taken at Halton Park training camp in September 1914, 2 days after the battalion was raised in Newcastle.
My Grandfather Jake Embleton outside his pigeon loft at 76 Melton Terrace, New Hartley. Picture was taken circa 1908.The picture of Jake with the pigeon was published in a Pigeon Magazine, they thought it was great. Apparently not many early pictures of that era of working men with their pigeons
14th Battalion ''D'' Company, picture was taken in 1918, Sergeant Jake Embleton is marked with a cross above his helmet. On November 30th 1918 Jake was presented with a gold watch by the New Hartley Soldier and Sailor committee as a token of esteem on the occasion of him being awarded the Military Medal on October 9th 1918
Hartley Mains locomotive ''27'' pictured at Seaton Delaval colliery in 1937, the main engine shed that is still standing can be seen in the left corner of the photo (now Dallas Carpets). Number 27 was built in 1908 by Kiston & Co for the Great Western Railway before being transferred to the Cardiff Railway. The engine was bought by Hartley Mains Coal company in 1934. This was one of the first engines that my dad worked on when he started work in the engine shed in the picture in 1948, he says he could stand up inside the firebox as it was so big!
Original press cutting from the ''Daily Sketch'' of January 20th 1927 showing Mr Fenwick Charlton, the last surviving rescuer from the Hartley Disaster of 1862.
My father, William Robert Embleton aged 4 years in 1937 outside 76 Melton Terrace New Hartley.